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We are wayfinding consultants that specialise in designing and implementing wayfinding strategy through signage design, environmental and experiential graphic design.

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Cooks River Foreshore

Cooks River Foreshore


This project involved the planning, design and implementation of a new regional family of wayfinding and river identification signs for the entire Cooks River foreshore path which stretches from Strathfield to Botany Bay.

The signage family was developed to engage community awareness, by creating a new and inviting logo and brand colour, and offering a very detailed map which presents to the viewer the river and catchment in its entirety, plus highlights immediate surrounding areas in detail.

We held user group and consultation meetings with stakeholders and Council representatives, under the control of The Cooks River Foreshore Working Group (CRFWG) presenting at stages where sign off was crucial for development of the project. Initially, the concept phase was carried out and the logo design was agreed. The design development phase led to the branding colour being approved and the map was an on-going process of development and checking by the project co-ordinator. Detail design included prototyping directional blades and matching digitally printed colours to paint, finalising the structural design and footings. Tender phase completed schedules for directional messages, including distances for blade signs, locations for map signs, final artworks for maps including the orientations ‘up’ and ‘down’ river and guidelines for graphics and further implementation. 

Anne Gordon Design also designed the logo for the Cooks River, which is used extensively by the CRFWG and is a keen branding and identity feature of the signs which are visible at the many bridge crossings.

The new signs assist path users to better navigate and explore the Cooks River foreshores and beyond. Their attractive design and beautiful detailed map artwork has enhanced the look and feel of the river corridor, both reflecting and boosting the community’s growing sense of pride and love for the Cooks River and its environs.

Contributions for funding the signage project were made by individual Councils, the DOP Metropolitan Greenspace Program and the RTA.


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